Electrical Safety Certificates Durban

Here we’ll provide an overview to importance of Electrical Certificates for your Durban property and how we can help.

One of our company’s services is to provide an ECOC that proves your electrical installation meets South African standards. A Certificate of Electrical Compliance is necessary to prove the property’s electrical installation is safe.

It is one of our company priority to provide Electrical Compliance Certificates (ECOC) in Durban that ensures your electrical installation in durban meets all South African standards, thereby proving your property’s electrical installation is safe. If damages occur at your property due to an electrical fault, your insurance company will require a valid electrical certificate. If you do not possess an ECOC, insurance companies can very deny your claim.

Due to recent changes in South African law, Durban property buyers should have a new certificate made. It is considered a good rule of thumb to have your property inspected every year two years whether or not you intend to sell or rent it out. Therefore you can feel confident your electrical installation is safe for the period of ownership of the property. If you intend to rent out the property, is necessary to have a valid Landlord Certificate and copy of this should be given to the tenant. Electrical Safety Certificates Durban

If you are looking to rent a property, you should only do so if the landlord has provided you with a valid compliance certificate. Real estate agents must also view the certificate before they can help find a tenant.

As we are a reliable and efficient electrical company we make it our duty to provide the necessary documents for your home or business.

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